Spring Gingham is out in full force this season on the Men’s side!  Urban Outfitters showcases a large presentation in stores this season and H&M highlights it on their in-store forms.  The pattern can be utilized as a fun pocketing and waistband detail as seen in Brooks Brothers.  It could also be used as a hidden element at the inside shirt cuff like we’ve seen at Ralph Lauren.

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Berlin Fashion Week was last week and QST was there to experience it!


There were tons of exhibitors there; however the big players (Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, Guess and the Bestseller Group) did not make an appearance this year. A lot of up-and-coming brands were in attendance.

heavy treatment shiny outer fabric1

Some of the biggest takeaways:

  • Fashion denim was either heavily washed or had a normal stone/enzyme wash to it. There was no middle ground.
  • There was a presence of yarn-dye checks and ornaments used in pocketing and yokes in denim as a special detail.
  • Prepare-for-dye trousers and casual pants were visible.
  • There was also a presence of yarn dye ticking stripes in pocketing.
  • Prints and yarn dyes are not as intricate as last season.

PFD2  Timezone with models around the stand