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Berlin Fashion Week was last week and QST was there to experience it!


There were tons of exhibitors there; however the big players (Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, Guess and the Bestseller Group) did not make an appearance this year. A lot of up-and-coming brands were in attendance.

heavy treatment shiny outer fabric1

Some of the biggest takeaways:

  • Fashion denim was either heavily washed or had a normal stone/enzyme wash to it. There was no middle ground.
  • There was a presence of yarn-dye checks and ornaments used in pocketing and yokes in denim as a special detail.
  • Prepare-for-dye trousers and casual pants were visible.
  • There was also a presence of yarn dye ticking stripes in pocketing.
  • Prints and yarn dyes are not as intricate as last season.

PFD2  Timezone with models around the stand


Made in America

We came across the following article from Sourcing Journal last Friday. Small and medium sized businesses in the garment industry actually benefit from choosing to manufacture in America from both a cost and operations perspective. QST Industries, Inc. prides itself on being globally positioned to accommodate all of customers, including our friends in the USA!