Your New Destination for Fitness

Being that the QST team is obsessed with health and fitness around the office, you can imagine how intrigued we were to learn that Urban Outfitters was introducing a new brand to the world, Without Walls!  This online dominant brand offers affordable fitness essentials (think Surfing, Swimming, Hiking, Yoga, Running, etc.). Their gear is bright, fun and functional, making even the least coordinated person want to throw these clothes on and hit the gym!

without walls

They just launched their Summer collection today, check it out here!



Spring Gingham is out in full force this season on the Men’s side!  Urban Outfitters showcases a large presentation in stores this season and H&M highlights it on their in-store forms.  The pattern can be utilized as a fun pocketing and waistband detail as seen in Brooks Brothers.  It could also be used as a hidden element at the inside shirt cuff like we’ve seen at Ralph Lauren.

 IMG_5642    IMG_5801    IMG_5967


Who would PAY for intentional holes in their jeans? WE WOULD! And so would many others as this is one of the biggest trends for Spring! Ripped jeans have the biggest statements in fast fashion retail hubs such as Urban … Continue reading