Were you able to come check us out at The Kingpins Show in LA this week? If not, don’t worry! You can catch us at Kingpins Hong Kong August 19-20th !

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Your New Destination for Fitness

Being that the QST team is obsessed with health and fitness around the office, you can imagine how intrigued we were to learn that Urban Outfitters was introducing a new brand to the world, Without Walls!  This online dominant brand offers affordable fitness essentials (think Surfing, Swimming, Hiking, Yoga, Running, etc.). Their gear is bright, fun and functional, making even the least coordinated person want to throw these clothes on and hit the gym!

without walls

They just launched their Summer collection today, check it out here!


Who would PAY for intentional holes in their jeans? WE WOULD! And so would many others as this is one of the biggest trends for Spring! Ripped jeans have the biggest statements in fast fashion retail hubs such as Urban … Continue reading


Berlin Fashion Week was last week and QST was there to experience it!


There were tons of exhibitors there; however the big players (Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, Guess and the Bestseller Group) did not make an appearance this year. A lot of up-and-coming brands were in attendance.

heavy treatment shiny outer fabric1

Some of the biggest takeaways:

  • Fashion denim was either heavily washed or had a normal stone/enzyme wash to it. There was no middle ground.
  • There was a presence of yarn-dye checks and ornaments used in pocketing and yokes in denim as a special detail.
  • Prepare-for-dye trousers and casual pants were visible.
  • There was also a presence of yarn dye ticking stripes in pocketing.
  • Prints and yarn dyes are not as intricate as last season.

PFD2  Timezone with models around the stand